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Why Your Website is the Center of Your Online Branding Strategy

September 29, 2014

WebsiteSocial media has become a very important marketing element for businesses in every industry. However, business websites are still far more important for online branding. A recent poll from Gartner found that marketing professionals feel the design and layout of a company website was the most important element of its marketing strategy. As a business owner, you need to invest in a high quality website to leverage your online marketing campaign.

Importance of Website

Social media has transformed online marketing in many ways, but it still has many limitations. You will need to invest in your website to truly create a powerful online marketing campaign. Here are some reasons building a quality website should be a top priority.

Provide Unique Layout

Social media platforms provide little flexibility for users to create their own layouts and customize other branding elements. While they provide some flexibility to customize your business profiles, you still need to conform to their framework.

You don’t face this limitation with your website. You have complete control over your layout and other elements, which allows you to tailor your brand to your audience.

Customize Your Message

Social media platforms aren’t the best way to deliver your branding messages. They generally provide very limited space to describe the benefits of your company and your core mission. You can only use 155 characters in the short description in your Facebook page and 140 characters in your Twitter profile. You also have to make sure that your message is consistent with these networks terms of service, which has become very strict lately.

Improve Conversions

Your website can provide a variety of functions that aren’t available on social media. You can create custom landing pages to sell goods and build your email list on your website, which is against the terms of service on most social media platforms.

Most social media programs also don’t provide the functionality needed to perform online commerce even if they allowed you to do so. It would also be very difficult to create an optimized landing page, because you have few options to customize the layout and restrict ads.

The end goal of every online marketing strategy should be higher conversions. You can’t easily convert users on your social media pages, so you will need to drive them to your website instead.

Better Analytics

The results of every marketing strategy need to be rigorously tested.  You can gradually refine your online marketing strategy if you have hard data showing which strategies are most effective. You can receive much better analytics on your website than social media profiles, which is one of the reasons it is so important to use your website as the center of your online brand.

Users are More Focused

You don’t have your visitors’ undivided attention on your social media profiles. They are receiving notifications from other events such as friends commenting on their posts or tagging them in picture. They also may be instant-messaging with their friends or trying to play a game of Candy Crush while visiting your page. Their attention is split, so it is very difficult to get your message across.

You have much more control over the user experience on your website. As long as you create engaging content and provide a meaningful message, your users are likely to stay on the site and engage with your brand.

Create a Hub for All Social Media Platforms

Your online marketing campaign will be more effective if you coordinate it across multiple social media platforms. Unfortunately, it is difficult to cross link all of your social media accounts together due to space limitations and many platforms don’t provide the functionality needed to easily share content to other social media sites.

Your website is the best place to cross-promote all of your social media platforms. You can easily have users subscribe to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, which streamlines your social media presence.

Email List-building

Email marketing is one of the most important elements of online marketing. Unfortunately, you can’t really build an email list through social media. You need to create a squeeze page on your website and encourage visitors to opt-in.

Invest in a Quality Website

Too many businesses fail to understand the importance of their company website. Social media is a powerful way to engage with your customers, but there are too many limitations. You need to invest in developing a unique website with quality content and a customized branding message. Here are some key elements to cover:

  • Thoroughly describe your company’s vision
  • Create a powerful visual layout that supports your company brand
  • Make sure that your landing pages are carefully optimized to maximize conversions
  • Include testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Provide information about any established groups that you are associated with
  • Make it as easy as possible for visitors to get in touch with you
  • Develop carefully optimized landing pages to meet your conversion goals

The presentation of your website will be one of the most important aspects of your online marketing campaign. You will need to invest in it carefully to build your online brand and generate conversions. You will also need to test your conversions to measure the effectiveness of your strategy and adjust it accordingly.

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