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Reinclusion Request

Have you (or a client’s site) been penalized by Google and need help writing a Reinclusion Request?

Tank Marketing has wrote many successful Reinclusion Requests and knows what it takes to write an effective request to Google. First, you will want to make sure you understand the Google penalty you have.

Do you have a Penguin or Panda Penalty?

If it is a Penguin penalty, you most likely would have received an “Un-natural Link” warning in your Google Webmaster Account. There are 2-types of link penalties:

1)   Partial Match Penalty – This means that your site has penalties on specific URLs of your website & not on your entire site

2)   Site Wide Penalty – This means that your entire site has a penalty & not just specific URLs (most likely if you have this penalty, you will be ranking on page 5 or 6 in Google for your domain name).

If you have either of those penalties, you will want to make sure you have done a thorough link audit, analysis and disavow before filing a Reinclusion Request.

A panda penalty will generally be a bit harder to spot, as you won’t see a manual penalty in your webmaster tools.  Unlike penguin, which is an unnatural link penalty, panda’s penalty has to do more with on-page quality. Sites that have been affected by panda tend to have a significant amount of duplicate content, thin content, page errors, etc..

The team at Tank Marketing can certainly help websites recover from Panda, but you do not have to file a reconsideration request as it’s not a manual penalty.

Should you file for a reconsideration request if you have been affected by Penguin or Panda?

Panda:  No, Panda is an algorithmic change and a reconsideration request will not help you recover.

Penguin:  Yes, but only if you received a manual penalty in your webmaster tools.

If you think your site has been penalized and would like a free website check, please contact Tank Marketing today.


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