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Local SEO

All local businesses need to drive targeted, local customers to their website. Optimizing your website for relevant, local SEO terms is an important strategy to reach them. Over 40% of customers find local businesses through the search engines. Tank Marketing can help you optimize your website for local SEO terms. Here are some of the ways that we can help.

Identify Keywords Local Customers Will Use

Approximately 97% of customers search for local businesses online. This gives you a strong advantage over your competitors if you can outrank them for the key terms that your customers are searching for Therefore, selecting the right keywords is the first and most important step of any local SEO strategy.

We will identify keywords that local customers use to find the services that your company provides. There are three factors that we take into consideration when selecting local keywords:

We will research your keywords carefully to make sure that they are worth optimizing for. We will work closely with you to ensure all keywords will help you reach your target audience.

Create Well Optimized Onsite Content

We will make sure that all content is well-written and optimized for your target keywords. Here are some steps that we will take:

Search engines are placing more emphasis on quality content than ever before. We will make sure that you have a strong onsite presence to outrank your competitors.

Execute an Excellent Offsite SEO Strategy

Most search engines also consider your offsite presence when assigning rankings. We will create an effective offsite SEO strategy to help you rank for your target keywords. Here are some of the key elements of our strategy.

Create Your Google Listing

Registering your company with Google Local is a key component of offsite SEO. Your profile needs to be filled it out properly if you expect to gain any SEO benefit from it. Our experts know what Google is looking for in your profile and will fill it out accordingly.

Create Directory Listings

Local directory listings are another important element of any offsite SEO campaign. We will submit your site to the highest quality local directories including Yelp and We will make sure that your company information is consistent across these platforms.

Create Citations

We will also create references to your company (also known as citations) on other web pages across the Internet. Citations are becoming an increasingly important aspect of offsite SEO.

Offsite Linkbuilding

Google and other search engines use links to determine the authority of different websites. Linkbuilding remains one of the most important parts any local SEO strategy. However, creating link profiles has become more difficult as search engines penalize websites that use low quality linkbuilding strategies. You should hire the experts at Tank Marketing rather than trying to build links on your own. We know how to create natural, high-quality links that will benefit your website.

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