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Link Building Services

Search engines have been using links as a key ranking factor since the late 1990s. Unfortunately, link building is a strategy that many businesses neglect or are scared to employ. Surveys have shown that only 57% or businesses have done any external link building and 75% feel link building is very difficult. Fortunately, we have a team of exceptional link builders that will be happy to help.

Our team is skilled at building high quality, credible links from authority sources to help boost your organic search rankings. Here are some of the link building services that we provide.

Content Placement

Content-based link building is one of the best ways to boost your SEO rankings. Research has shown that content marketing generates three times as many leads as other strategies for only two-thirds of the cost. However, other SEO companies do their clients a disservice with their content placement strategy.

They often damage their client’s brand or search engine rankings by creating poorly written content or submitting articles on low-quality websites. Here are some ways that Tank Marketing is better than the competition:

Our content placement strategy is designed to  improve your reputation, boost your SEO rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Content Syndication

You can also build links by sharing content on high quality platforms. We will share content on leading web platforms such as Squidoo, Tumblr and Blogger. We can republish your content on popular niche sites. We will make sure that your website receives a backlink every time your content is syndicated. Content syndication is a proven strategy to build high quality backlinks.

Link Bait

Other websites love linking to content that is engaging and interesting. In fact, 70% of the links on the Internet are natural links that other website owners chose to build on their own. These links tend to look the most natural to Google, which means they offer more value to the website.

Link baiting is an extremely effective way to encourage them to link to you. Our team of expert writers can create compelling content that is more likely to get links from other websites. We will work closely with you to create credible, interesting, authoritative content that they will be eager to share with their own readers.

Press Release Distribution

Sharing newsworthy content is a great way to create way to generate exposure for your company. It is also an excellent way to build high quality links to your website. We can distribute press releases as part of your link building campaign.

We will create awesome press releases about current events affecting your business. We will use the best syndication services to make sure that your press releases are picked up and shared with other websites.

Custom Outreach Campaign

Link baiting is a great way to generate quality links from other websites, but those sites sometimes need a little encouragement. Fortunately, Tank Marketing provides outreach services to help you gain links from other publishers. Here are some of the benefits of this service:

We can either share existing content that publishers may want to link to or create new content that is tailored specifically to one of the pages on their websites. We make sure that all inbound links are relevant and high-quality.

Social Media Account Management

Social media backlinks are becoming increasingly important ranking factors. Tank Marketing can help you setup new social media profiles to create targeted links to your website. We can also build your base of followers and update your profile regularly so that it has fresh, relevant content. In addition to boosting your credibility and creating exposure, this service is an excellent way to earn quality backlinks.

Locally Targeted Link Building

Locally targeted backlinks are extremely important for most small businesses. Local directories are also a good way to build citations that are also becoming a key ranking factor for local SEO. Creating backlinks from sites such as Yelp and Search Local is almost a requirement if you want to rank well with Google these days. Our staff understands how to structure these profiles to boost your rankings.

Tank Marketing can create listings with a variety of local directories. We can also help build links from local blogs and news sites in your area.

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