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Link Analysis, Removal & Disavow

Has your website (or a client’s site) lost keyword rankings or been penalized by Google?

Tank Marketing has a tremendous amount of experience successfully recovering penalized websites.

Contact or call us for a free evaluation and we will be honest about whether our service is right for you.

From start to finish, most link analysis & link removal campaigns take 30-days. Rich Bernstein will handle all of the link analysis, so you can be assured it will done properly. While a lot of companies outsource this work to a junior staff member, we take pride in doing a thorough job.

Our most recent link analysis, removal and disavow client (you can see how efficient our process was):

Client contacted Tank Marketing for an evaluation as their website was penalized for un-natural link building.

(Penalties are not always revoked that fast & sometimes will take more than one-submission)

Our client was very happy with our services as we updated the client on progress regularly and had their penalty removed!


We have lots of experience with link analysis, disavow and link removals – Our process works. This is the process we use for our clients:

1) Research Phase: We will analyze your traffic, rankings, Google analytics & webmaster tools account.
2) Sort Your Links:  We will grab all of your backlinks from webmaster tools, & other sources & combine them into a master spread-sheet.
3) Categorize Your Links: After we sort the links, we will classify the links into 3-tabs (suspicious, healthy & good) on a spread-sheet.
4) Manually Go Through All Links:  We will manually go through all links & classify all of the links (such as: Blog roll link, article directory, link directory, etc..) and notify on the sheet what link is good or bad.

*This will be done by Rich Bernstein, who has extensive experience with link analysis and has worked in some of the most competitive industries in the world.


5) Phone Conversation:  Links will be in classifications and we will go over what links/URLS we are going to contact for removal.
6) Collect Email Addresses: We will manually go through all of the links we want removed and search for email addresses.
7) Email Webmasters: We will craft a unique message for your project and manually email websites that are on our “link removal” list.
8) Collect Responses & Email 2-more Times:  We will collect responses from our initial email we sent out and send out 2-more follow-up emails to the websites on our list.
9) Create a disavow file: We will manually create a disavow file of the bad links and put notes in the disavow file for each domain we are disavowing.
10) Create a Reinclusion Request: Detail what we did, who we contacted, what we did to remedy the situation and what we are doing moving forward.

Each link analysis, audit and link removal is custom done to fit the clients link profile. We don’t guarantee that your penalty will be removed but we can 100% guarantee that we will do our best. We have many happy clients on this front and stand by our work.

We are currently accepting clients & we will update this page when we no longer have the capacity to fill clients in this arena.  

To get started with an initial consultation, please contact us now.

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