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The 9 Best Car Apps for Android and iPhone Users

November 27, 2014

Smartphones are changing the way that people drive. A number of developers have created some great smartphone apps that you may want to look into. Here are the five best that we have come across.

Saving Money

Gas prices have dropped a bit recently, but they may rise again in the near future. Savvy consumers will use apps that help them cut their gas bill. There are other services that can cost people a lot of money as well. Here are three of the best money saving apps on the market.


Have you ever spent time driving around town, trying to find the gas station with the best prices? GasBuddy is a free app that does the task for you. It syndicates prices from gas stations in your area so you can quickly find the best price.

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is another great app for finding the best gas prices in an area. The app also has some other benefits, such as allowing you to find ATMs, roadside assistance and places to eat. You can save money on gas by avoiding driving around looking for these services.

Auto Loan Calculator

Many people don’t do their due diligence when applying for a car loan. They end up taking out high interest loans that stick with them for years. Auto Loan Calculator has a great app for people that want to easily compare the long-term costs between different loans.

Saving Time

Everyone hates waiting in traffic and finding out that they spent far more time than they needed to driving somewhere. Here are a couple of apps that can drastically reduce the time you spend on the road.


Everyone hates sitting in traffic, especially during rush hour. A few developers created Waze, which is a great tool that can help you avoid it.  The app is great for identifying traffic jams, accidents and police officers.

Map Factor

Map Factor is a great GPS app that offers turn by turn instructions. Since it updates in real-time, it can significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend driving, especially if you make a wrong turn.


Every driver needs to plan for inevitable car problems. These apps help you test performance and see what repairs may be needed.

Dynolicious Classic

Every vehicle suffers from performance problems from time to time. The trick is knowing how serious those problems are and whether they need immediate attention. Dynolicious Classic is a great app that allows you to diagnose these problems without having to take the car to the shop.

Repair Pal

Repair Pal is a similar app to Dynolicious Classic, but it allows you to actually determine what repairs your car needs. It can be a great app to use if you are skeptical of your auto mechanic.


Around Me

Around Me is a great app for sightseers. It stores information on different points of interest, which can be a huge advantage if you are trying to explore.

Tourist Eye

Tourist Eye is another app that is great for tourists trying to plan their trips. You can use the app to plan your trip in less than a minute, which makes it a great time-saver.

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